2 Locations in the Puget Sound Area

Medical Resource Center in East Olympia 360-491-9733
Bristol Court in West Olympia 360-754-0305

Patient Testimonials

You are the preferred company, in my opinion, to trust with my hearing needs. You are always caring and anxious to work with me to find the best fit.

- W.A.

I am very happy with the concern Tom has shown to me and my husband.

- M.C.

You have provided what I need when I need it. You explain things well. Everyone has been very nice and have never kept me waiting.

– T. S.

Hearing Healthcare is a good place to address hearing problems. They have a consistent, professional approach to problem solving. The provider has been very tenacious about finding a solution for my hearing loss.

- R. J.

They have helped my mom many times over the years. They’re even open on Saturdays for appointments!

- L.H.

They have improved my hearing and now I can enjoy my retirement.

- D. H.

Mr. Putaansuu was courteous, provided a thorough explanation of services offered, type and cost of hearing aids available, my hearing problem and a desire to correct my hearing concerns.

- G. D.

Hearing Healthcare is a reputable locally owned business run by an audiologist who doesn’t pressure to purchase.

- Anonymous

The whole staff were the most courteous and helpful people you could wish for, like old friends.

– B. J.

I have recommended you to several people and have told them that they can count on your professionalism.

– T. R.

My hearing is much better. My daughters don’t have to yell to hear for me to hear them anymore. They always go above and beyond to help you hear better.

- F. M.

Tom has always come through with improved hearing for me. I appreciate his honesty and have complete confidence in his ability to fit me with the best hearing devices available. I do not hesitate to recommend Hearing Healthcare Center at every opportunity as you have done so much to allow me to live a normal life.

-A. F.

I’ve been to a few different places, but I won’t go anywhere else after going to Hearing Healthcare Center. They have just helped me so much.

- K.S.