2 Locations in the Puget Sound Area

Medical Resource Center in East Olympia 360-491-9733
Bristol Court in West Olympia 360-754-0305

What to Expect at Hearing Healthcare Center

We want all of your contacts with Hearing Healthcare Center to be as smooth and comfortable as possible. First, you will be asked to fill out a new patient intake form as well as a case history form which asks questions pertaining to previous medical problems with the ears (such as ear infections), current medications, history of noise exposure, ringing in your ears, family history of hearing loss and the different areas in which you may be experiencing hearing difficulties, such as restaurants and group settings.

Next you will meet with the audiologist who will go over the case history with you, paying particular attention to the hearing difficulties you reported, your individual needs and expectations and any concerns you may have. Spouses, family and friends are encouraged and always welcome to accompany you.

Our comprehensive hearing evaluation takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes. You will be taken into a soundproof test room where the audiologist will examine your ears with an otoscope to look at the health of your outer ear canal and eardrum. Then there will be a pressure check of your ears, this will tell how well your eardrum and little bones of the ear are transmitting sound. At this point the audiologist can determine if an evaluation with your family doctor or Ear Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) is warranted. Then headphones or insert earphones are placed on your ears for tone testing to determine how softly you can hear different pitches or tones. Speech testing is also conducted to determine how softly you can understand words and how clearly you can understand words spoken at different sound levels.

After the evaluation has been completed, the audiologist will review the findings with you and if desired, any friends or family members that are present. The audiologist will explain the results of the test and its relationship to hearing, speech, and environmental sounds. If a hearing loss has been diagnosed, we will discuss the prospect of obtaining help through the use of hearing aids and/or assistive listening devices. Factoring in your needs and lifestyle, we will recommend options for appropriate types and styles of hearing aids that are available and best-suited for your needs.

If you decide to evaluate hearing aids, impressions may be taken of your ears (depending on the type of instrument recommended) and an appointment to fit you with the hearing aids will be scheduled.

When you return, you will receive your new hearing aids. The audiologist will program the hearing aids based on your hearing loss and perform verification testing with the hearing aids to ensure that you are hearing properly. You will be shown all aspects regarding the mechanics of the hearing aids, required care and maintenance, and proper usage. Our goal is to make you comfortable with using the hearing aids while maintaining as much independence as possible.

Follow-up visits will be scheduled to monitor progress as well as fine tune aspects of the hearing aids that will help to optimize listening capabilities.